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Rules and Regulations


a) All persons are prohibited from touching any object in the Mausoleum that does not belong to them.

b) Visitors are reminded that this Mausoleum is sacredly devoted to the entombment, inurnment and repose of the dead, and that a strict observance of the decorum due such a place will be required by all.

c) Children are not allowed to run and play in the Mausoleum, and must be supervised at all times.

d) Floral memorials will be removed whenever they become unsightly or at the discretion of the Superintendent or their representative. The Mausoleum will assume no responsibility for the safekeeping of any floral memorial or container.

e) Flowers and containers shall not be placed on floors, hallways or on top of crypts or niches. Nothing shall be taped, glued, or affixed in any manner to the crypt or niche fronts.

f) Glass vases, shells, toys, and similar articles on crypts or niches present a safety hazard, and are prohibited; the right is reserved to remove from any crypt or niche, without notice, these, or any other articles which may be considered objectionable.

g) The grant of entombment or inurnment right in a crypt or niche gives only a right or privilege of the entombment of human remains and inurnment of cremated remains, the ownership to the land and the structure remaining always with the Mausoleum.

h) No entombment or inurnment in a crypt or niche in the mausoleum shall be permitted except upon written order of the record owner of the rights of entombment or inurnment in such space, or if such record owner be deceased or otherwise unavailable, upon such appropriate evidence as may be required by the Mausoleum that the person whose remains are to be entombed or inurned has been designed for entombment or inurnment by the record owner.

i) If the Purchaser is more than one person, the all said Purchasers shall be bound jointly, severally, and in solido for the obligations herein undertaken; and all rights herein established shall be exercised by all of said Purchasers acting in concert.

j) No entombments or inurnments shall be permitted in any crypt or niche in the Mausoleum until all payments due the Mausoleum have been made.

k) All entombments and inurnments must be made subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Mausoleum and all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

l) The container for cremated remains to be inurned shall be of bronze or other material approved by the Mausoleum and shall be of a size suitable for the niche. No cardboard, plastic or wood urns allowed.

m) Mausoleum is not responsible for damage to crypt or niche fronts, or other embellishments due to vandalism or other forces beyond its control.

n) The cleaning and upkeep of the crypt shutters and niche glass is the responsibility of the Family. Broken shutters and glass may need to be replaced over time, at the Interment Right Holders expense. Please see the Mausoleum Office for more details.

o) No removal or disentombment of remains from a crypt or niche in the mausoleum will be permitted except upon written order of the appropriate heirs of the person whose remains are to be moved or disentombed, or upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction and except upon full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and the Rules and Regulations of the Mausoleum.

p) These rules may be changed or modified at any time without notice by the Board of Directors of the Mausoleum.

Last Updated: June 15, 2021

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